To install the BMS Pedal Tuner you have to remove the gas pedal, unplug it and then just plug in one of the connectors of the BMS Pedal Tuner to the car and the other one to the pedal itself. Reinstall the pedal and you’re halfway there.

Now turn on the car and start the calibration. To do so hold the + and – buttons at the same time until all lights flash and press the pedal all the way down for a few times. As a result you will see the status lights move to the right as you press it down. After that it will get the stock voltage level so that it can make adjustments. Finally press and hold the stage selector button until all lights turn off to save the calibration. And you’re good to go.



Besides changing the modes you can also adjust the insensitivity of each mode by pressing the + and – buttons. It will increase or decrease the sensitivity accordingly for the best experience.

You can use BMS Pedal Tuner on the following cars:

• 2006+ BMW
• 2006+ MINI
• 2008+ VW/Audi except for B9 A4/A5/S4/5, S All, SQ All, RS All, C7 All, C8 All
• 2008-2019 Mercedes-Benz (email your model and year before ordering)
• 2011+ Ford EcoBoost

• 2008+ KIA/Hyundai/Genesis
• 2016+ Hyundai Sonata
• 2016+ Kia Optima

• 2008+ Honda
• 2007+ Acura RDX
• 2011+ Nissan* see note below
• 2011-2017 Infiniti* see note below
• 2019+ Ram Trucks
• 2020+ Jeep Gladiator
• 2018+ Jeep Wrangler (JL)
• 2016+ Chrysler Pacifica

• 2016+ Alfa Romeo Giulia
• 2016+ Alfa Romeo Stelvio 

*NOTE: The BMS Pedal tuner is not compatible with Infiniti/Nissan vehicles that have the forward crash protection feature (auto-braking feature). This only applies to Infiniti/Nissan vehicles. 


Sprint Booster vs BMS Pedal Tuner

We’ve tested the sprint booster v3 and the BMS Pedal Tuner for a week. Besides the pedal lock and a valet mode that sprint booster v3 has, the BMS Pedal Tuner does the same at $100 less. 

With minimum pedal movement you get not only an effortless speed up but also an instant boost. Try all 4 levels.

Stage 1 – white – is  the stock setting

Stage 2 – green – is slightly better than stock

The most used one that does wonders for daily driving is stage 3 – amber

Stage 4 – red – is purely for throttle junkies.


Its not only a throttle remap it also involves a “tune” which can also be turned on and off via the throttle and by changing your air/fuel also gives a small HP bump, which the sprint booster does not.

Where to order?

You can buy BMS pedal tuner by clinking the card below.